Do I have to apply for jobs?
Nope. Hirenetics non-biased ranked matching system is fully automated and connects you with all the available jobs in the categories you selected in your Profile. No applying necessary.

How does your algorithm work?
Karma! Actually, we’ve spent a lot of time developing a powerful algorithm that combines results from several factors to include: Profile, personality test, salary requirements, location, and some other mojo.

Is my Profile anonymous?
Yes, and this is very important to us. Here’s how it works: all Profiles are anonymous to other Profiles, which allows candidates to analyze the competition for each listing without compromising privacy. Secondly, you are matched in ranked order to each opportunity anonymously, but can elect to unveil your personal information by (1) accepting a video pre-interview and/or (2) accepting a Face-to-Face interview.

How is my Profile viewed by recruiters?
Like this.

How many times can I take the personality test?
Once a year is fine. It’s also not a good idea to “game” the test since you don’t know what personalities work with which jobs.

How do I make a video pre-interview?
Luckily you don’t have to be a film school grad to accept a Video Pre-Interview request from an employer. Simply record a video response to specific questions for each job on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and re-record as many times as you want. At this point you can choose to accept and unveil your anonymity to the employer, or decline (both video and job opportunity).

How do I analyze the competition?
This is a great feature new to candidates. Let’s say you are always coming up ranked fifth for coveted Developer opportunities. So what makes 1-4 so great? Now you can take a look at the competition for each opportunity and see what “missing skills” you might have, e.g. 1-4 all have the same development skills as you plus Ruby on Rails. Bingo! Go learn your “missing skill” at a local boot camp and land it next time.

Where are my emails?
If you are not getting email from us, please check your spam folder. Make sure to add the address to your address book.

How do I get back to the front page?
You might have noticed after you Login, the links to both the front page and employer page have apparently vanished. Use these links to get back:
Revisit the front page.
Revisit the Recruiters page.

How do I report an inappropriate video?
Click on . This will send Hirenetics an email notification to investigate the content. Clicking the icon will also remove that candidate from the listing automatically before the investigation.

Who created Hirenetics' web site?
Chromaplex Designs did the development
Pretty Moving Pictures and Fast + Light Productions shot our videos.
Hook42 did the CSS
James Goodchap did our branding